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Government attacked on Existing Building Energy Performance

The Department for Communities and Local Government has issued a consultation document which could weaken the requirement for Display Energy Certificates (DECs) on public buildings. The paper proposes changing the definition of buildings in scope for a DEC from “frequently” visited buildings to mean only those that people will use daily “for purposes unrelated to their residence, employment,eduction or training.”

It is understood that this would mean schools would not need a certificate, as only staff and pupils visit them, whilst hospitals would be in scope as they are in constant public use.

John Alker of the UK Green Buildings Council (UKGBC) expressed his disappointment at the consultation launch by attacking the government’s proposal stating “Any suggestion of scrapping DECs for public buildings simply beggars belief”. He went on to argue that “Government time and again trots out the mantra of not “gold plating” EU requirements to minimise administrative costs, but completely misses the potential benefits that going further offers.”

JB Comments  – Much anedotal evidence regarding the  introduction of  DECs to date has praised the requirements for public building facilities/building mangement  to have a better understanding of their energy efficiencies and usage, especially as a significant proportion of this type of building stock is in desperate need of upgrading.

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