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Home Quality Mark

BRE have developed a new sustainability standard for residential properties.  The Home Quality Mark (HQM) allows house buyers to differentiate homes based on expected costs, health and well being and the environmental footprint of the house.  Builders can use these criteria to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Based on a five star rating system, the HQM will provide information from impartial experts.  This information will enable potential house buyers to investigate the likely running costs of the home, and the impacts on health and well being and the ability of the home to cope with the demands of a changing climate – such as its resilience to flooding and overheating.  Such factors as energy cost, insulation, daylight and air quality will also be included, as will an assessment on the digital connectivity of a building.

Extensive consumer research was undertaken prior to the development of the HQM, this included a survey on moneysupermarket.com of 500 users.  Of this 500, 97% stated that they would buy a home that was more sustainable and environmentally efficient if the information was available.

Although the scheme is currently voluntary, it can be used by developers to demonstrate green credentials and by Registered Social Landlords to outline the quality required from developers.  Moving on from the Code for Sustainable Homes, the Home Quality Mark will now outline the desired standards.

What we can do to help….

The home will be assessed on ‘My Cost’ (taking energy bills, mortgage and maintenance into consideration), ‘My Well-Being’ (looking at light, air quality and amenities) and ‘My Footprint’ (e.g emissions, materials used and the buildings relationship with the natural environment).

As registered, independent and fully trained assessors, CGC can undertake a wide ranging assessment and provide you with an overall quality score and certification for your new development.

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