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Psi Value Calculations for non repeating Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridges occur at junctions in a building where a material with poor insulating properties passes through an insulation system causing a ‘bridge’ for heat to escape (for instance where walls meet). Calculating the Psi Value of a junction may help in your SAP assessment and contribute to a pass.

There are two main types of thermal bridge: A repeated thermal bridge, such as the studs in a timber frame wall, which are dealt with in a conventional U-value calculation. There are also non-repeated thermal bridges, for example around openings, using a section of steel in a timber frame wall, or the junction between different elements types, such as a wall and a floor. This is done with the use of computer programmes.

What we can do to help….

We can calculate the heat flow through different types of junctions converted into Psi Values to better inform your project and help achieve compliance with Building Regs.

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