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CGC provides BREEAM 2014 Assessment duties on new build projects within the private and public sector when required on condition and by local authority policy.

BREEAM is a broad sustainability certification process

It enables developers and designers to demonstrate the environmental credentials of their buildings to planners and clients. Using our experienced assessors, BREEAM will have a positive influence on the design, construction and management of buildings.

BREEAM has become a critical aspect of the majority of commercial building projects in the UK, promoting best practice for sustainable development with a well respected scientific process.

Sustainable developments, such as those developed using BREEAM can offer value with:

  • Reduced operational costs :

Studies show that developers routinely invest an additional 2% when aiming for higher BREEAM ratings.  These costs are typically regained within two to five years via water and energy bill savings.

  • Limited Risk :

As the environmental conditions change and policy develops, existing buildings face more challenges.  It makes sense to plan for the future, both in terms of climate change and evolving regulation.

  • Increased attractiveness in terms of letting, retaining and selling developments :

A study published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) examined transactions over a nine year period of BREEAM office buildings in London.  The study found a 21% premium on transaction price and an 18% premium on rent.

It is increasingly suggested that sustainable buildings offer many benefits to inhabitants; factors such as lighting and air quality have an effect on well being which can in turn affect productivity.

What we can do to help….

Involving a Carbon Green BREEAM assessor at an early stage in the design process will pay dividends by reducing unnecessary re-designs and offer savings on unnecessary project build costs.

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