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Code for Sustainable Homes axed with no sustainable successor

The government has suggested the Code for Sustainable Homes could be scrapped in a further bid to cut regulatory red tape for house builders.

Under new proposals put out to consultation yesterday, the government said it was looking to use the Building Regulations to provide energy requirements for building, which could see them ‘wind down’ the code. 

They promised to put transitional arrangements in place to protect contractual commitments under the code. 

The Housing Standards Review consultation paper, published on Tuesday, stated: ‘Where there are significant issues for carrying forward [in the code], these have been reflected in the consultation proposals. 

‘In the light of that, and the outcome of this consultation, the government proposes to wind down the role of the code. We will put in place transitional arrangements to ensure that contractual commitments under the code can be properly covered.’

Launched in 2006, the code for sustainable homes is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. 

In force everywhere in the UK except Scotland, it provides nine measures of sustainable design including CO2, water, materials, waste and pollution. 

Concerns have been aroused by the lack of alternative standards for parts of the Code not covered by Building Regulations. Areas such as waste, ecology, materials and pollution have all been highlighted as areas where developers and builders should receive clear guidance from government. 

The consultation will run until 22 October.

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