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Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

If you own a building used by public authorities or  a service which is more than 15 months old and over 500sqm, you need to have an on-site Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

What is a DEC?

A DEC is an energy rating system that shows the amount of energy used by a building and compares it to a benchmark score of a building of the same type.

The energy rating given is from A (very efficient) to G (least efficient).  It bases the energy performance of a building on energy consumption, as recorded over a 12 month period.

The DEC must be prominently displayed somewhere it can be seen by the public at all times and an advisory report will also be required which will show recommendations given to improve the buildings energy performance.  These recommendations are categorised by payback time. i.e. short term energy pay back means up to three years, medium: three to seven years and long term payback is more than seven years. Each category has suggestions of the most suitable methods via the energy assessor.

Your DEC needs to be updated by an accredited assessor annually to track progress towards being more carbon efficient. The assessor will review the energy consumption data using the correct methodology.  Sometimes adjustments can be made according to varying factors such as changes to weather or climate or time of occupation.

What we can do to help….

We’ll guide you through everything we need to produce an accurate DEC on time..first time. If it’s your first DEC , an Advisory Report will be necessary. We’ll need to inspect your building to assess services and check if controls are set up efficiently. Also fuel bills from the past 12 months will need to be analysed for us to make appropriate recommendations.

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