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Government dithering over 2013 Building Regs Part L Changes

The postponed changes to Part L of the Building Regulations governing the energy efficiency of new buildings due for April 2013 and set to reduce emissions in new buildings by 44% over 2006 regulations, is feared by a number of industry leaders, to be delayed even further.

Even though the Chancellor in his March budget Statement committed the government to Zero Carbon in 2016 and a detailed plan in response to the 2012 Consultation document, an announcement has still not materialised.

As reported in Carbon Green News earlier this year, the government’s prefered compromise for the changes in 2013 was an 8% change in the requirement and a 20% change for commercial buildings. This falls  way short of the originally planned changes, but has been seen as a compromise to aid the struggling construction sector in reducing an increasingly heavy regulatory burden.

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