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Green Deal Premise fails Golden Rule!

With the publication of damning “In Use” analysis of the effect of energy efficiency measures on energy bills under the Green Deal and it’s take up figures of less than 500 after it’s first year, The Green Deal is desperate for a much needed overhaul!

The analysis of figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change  (DECC) by environmentalist Chris Goodall, a former Green Party Parliamentary candidate, suggest that loft insulation saves just £15.50 off a fuel bill per year and a new boiler a poultry £70. According to the Guardian Newspaper, The Energy Saving trust figures, widely used by industry and home owners, suggesting loft insulation savings of up to £180 per year and a new boiler delivering up to savings of £310 per year, will have to be downgraded!

 This, to a great extent, may throw the whole basis of one of the Green Deal’s Key Principles , The Golden Rule, up in the air. As the key principle for accessing Green Deal finance, it states that the charge attached to the bill should not exceed the expected savings, and the length of the payment period should not exceed the expected lifetime of the measures.             

This new data accepted by the Energy Saving Trust as the “first large scale data on energy saving” may serve the labour party well and kick start their own recently publicised plans to persuade the electorate that They are “The Greenest Government ever!!”……….

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