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Green Vision Strategy

Green Vision is a powerful consultancy consolidation of all regulatory, legal requirements and best practice research around delivering sustainability and CO2 reductions.

The problem

Whilst increasing deregulation provides scope and opportunity for our clients, it also leaves uncertainty with strategic positioning and attitude to risk in a ‘wild west’ environment.  The presumption in favour of sustainable development sits as a golden thread running through plan-making and decision-taking in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and against a UK backcloth of a CO2 target emissions reduction of 29% by 2017 and 50% by 2025.

Hence, in this complex world of ever-changing legislative and regulatory requirements our clients have been finding it increasingly difficult to set a clear strategic direction. Navigation through the planning and build phases has become more difficult without getting bogged down with the competing technical and evidence-based demands of stakeholders.  The consequence to our clients arising from a lack of clarity can be considerable time, money caused by delay and associated costs trying to meet these needs whilst maintaining viability. They require a clear, authoritative pathway based on credible, sustainability consultancy derived from wide UK experience of achieving major scale consents and successful project delivery.

The Green Vision Solution

CGC develops a comprehensive ‘Green Vision’ strategy for our clients and augments this across the duration of the consultancy period, according to changing requirements. The bespoke GV strategy typically consists of a deployment of the following key elements:

  • A powerful consolidation of all regulatory and legal requirements around delivering sustainability and CO2 reductions
  • Sustainability strategy,including high quality and innovative blue, green and grey infrastructures,biodiversity enhancements; reduced potable water and hot water usage.
  • Promote a ‘one planet living’ approach where people and nature are given priority and local food can be produced by the community
  • Encourage a range of energy-saving customer behaviours across the built environment
  • Measures to reduce CO2 emissions through a Fabric First approach for all residential and non-residential buildings beyond Building Regs,
  • Energy statement preparation to prevailing standards
  • Leading-edge UK and international evidence in respect of approaches to carbon reduction and mitigation through carbon counting formulations.
  • Bespoke tactical consultancy and negotiation across the planning process, securing the best, most viable approach for our clients whilst delivering agreed sustainability goals.

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