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Low Carbon Plan in Local Authorities to rack up pressure on CO2 emitters.

Government proposals to force in council lead plans for the reduction of carbon emissions in their areas, have been given a cool reception by experts.

The Committee on Climate Change warned of the UK missing its OC2 emissions targets if local authorities were not prepared to act further in their own capacities.

However, the advice went on to suggest that, given the financial pressures on councils at present and the removal of national indicators which measured town hall performance on cutting emissions, additional incentives were needed to stimulate any action.

RTPI past president Richard Summers welcomed the idea although added, “In situations where resources are so tight, I wouldn’t want to support a statutory duty if there weren’t the resources to go with it.”

The Low Carbon plans would set ambitious levels of reduction such as 20% off buildings, transport and waste between 2010 and 220, setting goals in areas where councils have the greatest influence such as in planning.

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