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Planning Minister backs Wind farm protesters!  Are they still the Greenest Government ever?

The Planning Minister Yesterday came out on the side of wind farm protesters in a letter to the energy minister, John Hayes.

In a  Daily Telegraph report, the Planning Minister, Nick Boles, was quoted to say that local people should not have to have their views “ridden roughshod over” and that people “bitterly resented” having wind farms imposed on them by planning authorities.

This is at at odds with clear government policy direction on wind farms after Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, had to clarify the government stance before Christmas after his junior minister, Hayes, was quoted by the Daily Mail,stating that the countryside was “peppered” with wind farms and “enough was enough”. 

Another clear case of a government at odds with itself and its’ key policies! Holding on to their claim of the Greenest Government ever is slipping away!

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