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Development of 12 Low Carbon Homes in Plymouth


Development of 12 Low carbon Homes in Plymouth


Delivery of cost effective rational for Photovoltaic

Total Net Co2 Emissions reduction requirement – 7,492.6 kg/year

– Required generation – 13,191 kWh/year

– Photovoltaic panels required for 124.15m2


– Preliminary Energy Modelling Calculations  (SAP 2012)

Review of Low or Zero Carbon Technologies


– 15% CO2 reduction using photovoltaic roof mounted system

Project Details


December 2014


Charles Church South West


Plymouth, Devon


Charles Church South West

Plymouth City Council


Charles Church commissioned Carbon Green to produce a report is to identify the potential methods of reducing the total building CO2 Emissions using low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies by 15% compared to the same building that is Building Regulations compliant, but does not use LZC technologies.

CO2 emissions calculated using SAP outputs, offered the base line CO2 emissions for the proposed development.

Suitability of Low or Zero Carbon Technologies were reviewed based on the site characteristics and size of the proposed development.

High light and sunshine levels in the South West mean well positioned roof mounted PV panels are the best approach to achieving the target emissions reduction in this case.

Carbon Green established a realistic and cost effective approach to achieving the 15% CO2 reduction using Photovoltaic roof mounted systems.

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