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Budget News: – Zero Carbon Homes target for 2016 reaffirmed

The Chancellor in his Budget Statement yesterday confirmed the government’s commitment to achieve Zero Carbon Homes by 2016.  This comes only a few weeks after the Buildings Regulations minister, Don Foster wavered on the government’s same commitment to a Zero Carbon Homes target, put in place by the Labour Government.

This has all come after the government postponed the  new target CO2 reduction changes  scheduled  for Part L of the Building Regulations this year. Rumours abound of the new Part L changes not only being postponed until next year, but also being cut from a 25% reduction over 2010 regulations to an 8% reduction.

The route map for the 2016 zero carbon target is now very much up in the air, especially as the stepping stones for achieving it are being eroded along the way. This will leave a very big and potentially painful jump for developers and house builders to make when (and if) zero carbon does come to fruition in 2016!

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