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Sustainability Training

At CGC we have streamlined our Continued Professional Development process into two annual sessions.

Taking place in June with a follow up session in November, our CPD sessions are designed to inform attendees about the latest developments in the often turbulent area of sustainability.  We like to factor in our attendees interests and ensure our sessions are tailored to meet any particular needs.

Our 2019 title is “Changes to the Building Regulations and Sustainability Agenda – what does this mean for you?”

We will look at building regulations, current policy and the future of the building industry.

We do not charge you for a CPD and welcome your input, both before and after the event.

Session Feedback

If you’ve attended one of our CPD sessions and would like to add your own comments, please submit them using the form at the bottom.


  1. Helen Ashby-Ridgway

    Helpful presentation. Technically pitched right – not too detailed but just enough to know where to come when we need help. Thank you.

  2. Arwell Evans

    Good presentation that clearly explored the legislation / regulations that are currently in place for England and Wales respectively.

  3. Sarah Lee

    Great CPD thank you! Please come and see us again in February with the new update!

  4. Ben Arnold

    Very Interesting debate ensued following this CPD.

  5. Ben Honey

    Thought that the presentation was useful and helped to clarify the current situation.

  6. Alex D'Aubrey

    Clear, informative and interactive. Thanks!

  7. Rebecca Kitchin

    Very interesting given the current events. Especially as had Part 1 pre- Brexit and Part 2 afterwards – good that the presentation reflected this on-going change.

  8. Shannon Craig

    Very informative, impressed to have a follow-up CPD after Brexit to de-mystify the consequences of policy.

  9. Ellie Rowe

    Very informative and interesting presentation.

  10. Marcus Evans

    Good knowledge on a wide range of relevant topics.

  11. Robin Jackson

    Very clear and consice delivery. Good presentation and relevant to our work.

  12. Chris Moore

    James had very good knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

  13. Peter Owens

    Greater clarity of understanding of sustainability policies in general.

  14. Richard Douglas

    Useful and interesting talk relevant to the current policy climate.

  15. Alice Drew

    A very informative insight into sustainability.

  16. Marc Anderton

    Very well structured presentation and very comprehensible.

  17. Katherine Miles

    Very useful and informative presentation.

  18. Angus Drummond

    Well presented with interesting and important content. Use of eclectic images kept the presentation lighthearted.

  19. M. Ravaglia

    Short presentation and to the point. It has highlighted all changes to regs, very interesting. A follow up, more detailed presentation could be useful.

  20. Fran Heaver

    Great to hear how the legislation will affect one off homes and clients.

  21. Rosie Paget

    Informative briefing that provided insight into what is to come in the future for sustainability. Unfortunately there isn’t much guidance which is frustrating for us and you! A good presentation.

  22. Marcus Evans

    Very informative. Great knowledge. Very up to date – useful i.e Housing Bill 2016.

  23. Bob Hill

    Very useful and informative.

  24. Stuart Slatter

    Thank you. Well presented – interesting and very technical topic, took the confusion away.

  25. Tom Davies

    Very clear and concise presentation, providing valuable information on complexities of sustainability.

  26. Paul Galgey

    Informative – particularly interesting to hear sustainability outlook on future policy.

  27. Grace Mollart

    Interesting session. Good to understand how the sustainability agenda keeps shifting and how it applies to planning.

  28. Lisa Shannon

    Very interesting! Burning issue on a global scale, good to understand more about how we can provide effective solutions and advice for clients. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the future with zero carbon homes.

  29. Clive Schless

    Interesting seminar well presented

  30. Stephanie Nicholas

    Very comprehensive and useful talk.

  31. Jack Taylor

    Very interesting and informative.

  32. Lionah Kawonza

    An excellent presentation by James. He tailored his presentation style to suit our needs with the right amount of visual aids and material to keep the topic interesting.

  33. Gerard Manley

    It made for a really worthwhile session. James’ presentation was engaging and informed on the topic of sustainable development and described with examples the timeline of policy changes. The information presented was relevant as James ensured that our presentation was specifically tailored to the planning profession.

  34. Chris Jones

    Very informative and worthwhile. Tailored to our specific interests as Planning Consultants.

  35. Josh Dickinson

    A very well structured and informative presentation. The major plus of the CPD was James being able to answer very specific questions related to our particular field of planning and how we should interact with sustainable policies at national and local scale.

  36. Tim Williams

    It made for very interesting CPD and we will bear you in mind for future work.

  37. Katie Simpson

    Really informative. Good introduction to the wider legislative background in addition to the Code for Sustainable Homes, and the current status of things. The presentation was to the point and James was open to answering questions and delving into areas which were of particular interest to us as planners.

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