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Commercial Development Services

We’ve worked on numerous commercial building projects. Here you can discover more about exactly what we do and how we’re able to support our clients.

Experts in the sustainability agenda, associated policies and directives we see the solutions from our client’s point of view.

As high level communicators, listening to our clients and understanding their needs is paramount. Influencing the process through our negotiations, we establish areas of understanding and flexibility on our client’s behalf.

We deliver technical certainty – Our recommendations are based on knowledge and experience as well as tried and tested methodologies.

We deliver support and advice on a variety of energy and sustainability issues such as Energy Efficiency, Consumption and demand data analysis, accuracy of sustainability credentials and impact of emerging legislation and regulations.

Asset and Energy Management Surveys


Full Energy Audits tailored to the individual customer’s requirements.

Energy and Sustainability Statements


Local Planning Authorities expect new development to show how carbon saving strategies through the use of low carbon building methods and renewable technologies will be implemented, set out in an energy or sustainability statement.



Carbon Green provides BREEAM 2014 Assessment duties on new build projects within the private and public sector when required on condition and by local authority policy.

ESOS - Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme


ESOS 1st Phase  Deadline was 5th December 2015 – We’ll help deliver value through in the recommendations and prepare your business for Phase 2.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates


If you want to sell or lease a commercial property you will require a valid Energy Performance Certificate.

Green Vision Strategy


Green Vision is a powerful consultancy consolidation of all regulatory, legal requirements and best practice research around delivering sustainability and CO2 reductions.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)


If you own a building used by public authorities or services which is more than 15 months old and over 500sqm, you need to have an on-site Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

SBEM Calculations


Part L of the Building Regulation requires SBEM energy Calculations for each building on a development before work can commence.

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