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Energy and Sustainability Statements

Local Planning Authorities expect new developments to show how carbon and energy saving strategies, through the use of low carbon building methods and renewable technologies, will be implemented, set out in an energy or sustainability statement.

Requirements vary widely across the country, with some authorities expecting CO2 or energy use reductions of 30% or more. These statements need to demonstrate compliance at the planning stage of a development.

Recent national legislation changes in the Deregulation Act 2015 suggests that these additional requirements over Building Regulation can be challenged!

What is an Energy Statement?

An energy statement examines energy targets such as CO2 emissions, energy use and costs; it will also take into account the building fabric and its energy efficiency as well as the feasibility of renewable energy measures (including a cost analysis).  The heating, lighting and ventilation will also be addressed.  The energy statement will include SBEM and SAP  calculations.

What is a Sustainability Statement?

A sustainability statement outlines proposals that will ensure the building is sustainable. It will take into account the energy efficiency of the building as a whole, water conservation, flood risk and drainage strategy. Transport, impacts on the community, health and well being (including day lighting), materials used and where they are sourced from are also examined, as are pollution issues and ecological aspects.  A Sustainability Statement  also looks at the best practice management of the site.

Why is a Energy or Sustainability statement needed?

An energy or Sustainability statement is a supporting document to a planning application.  Requirements will vary across different local authorities but a reduction in carbon emissions and low energy technologies can be expected.  The local planning authority may also require that the new development meets BREEAM and other sustainability standards.

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Involve us at the earliest stage in the design process and we’ll develop a strategy which fits your requirements, and delivers on local authority conditions helping reduce the risk of costly re-design and alterations.

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