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Home User Guides (HUGs)

A Home User Guide can provides House Builders and Home Buyers a comprehensive information guide of all the important elements of a new home.

A Home User Guide aims to: “promote the provision of guidance enabling occupants to understand and operate their home efficiently and make the best use of local facilities” (Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide November 2010)

What is a Home User Guide?

A Home User Guide is an introductory document, given to a resident when they move into a new home.  It will give information on the local area – including transport options, available amenities and emergency services.  It will also provide details of the energy and water use of the building.

What is in a Home User Guide?

They will contain the following topics:

  • Operational Issues
    • Environmental strategy/design and features
    • Energy
    • Water Use
    • Recycling & Waste
    • Sustainable DIY
    • Emergency Information
  • Site and surroundings
    • Recycling & Waste
    • Sustainable (Urban) Drainage Systems (SUDS)
    • Public Transport
    • Local amenities
    • Responsible Purchasing
    • Emergency Information

The Home User Guide can be supplied electronically or as an hard copy document.

What we can do to help….

Writing a HUG is time consuming, so let us make it our job to complete?

We’ll provide you with a professional and bespoke document which should help any new property owner settle into their new home more easily.

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