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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme – ESOS

The first phase of ESOS is complete. Have you followed up your report recommendations? Our certified Lead Assessors will help add real value from ESOS and prepare you for Phase 2.

Reduce energy consumption

The Department of Energy and Climate Change have introduced ESOS in order to comply with Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. The scheme is designed to help large organisations identify areas where they can reduce energy consumption through improved efficiency measures.

All qualifying large organisations, with major operations in the UK, are required to carry out detailed energy audits and submit a report to the Environment Agency by the 5th December 2015. Your organisation will be required to carry out an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme review if you meet the following criteria:

If your organisation has 250 or more employees

Have fewer than 250 employees, but:

  1. An annual turnover exceeding €50m and/or
  2. A balance sheet exceeding €43m.

Compliance with ESOS requires a qualifying organisation to:

Measure their total energy consumption for a 12 month period including:

  • Buildings
  • Transport
  • Industrial processes

Conduct Energy Audits

Generate a report identifying cost effective energy efficiency recommendations

Demonstrate compliance with a review from a registered Lead Assessor

Report compliance to the Environment Agency

Carbon Green Consulting Ltd is one of just a few registered Lead Assessors operating in the South West and will guide your organisation through to compliance with the scheme.

We understand different organisations will want to approach the scheme in different ways and here to help as required.

From a basic Lead Assessor review to complete BS EN 16247/ISO50002 Energy Audits we have the knowledge and experience to deliver your requirements.

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