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Carbon Capture projects binned as Cameron pledges to further carbon reductions

Two giant power station carbon capture projects competing for £1bn worth of funding are now unlikely to continue after a statement to the London Stock Exchange released shortly after the Spending Review announcement stated that “£1bn of ring fenced capital budget for the Carbon Capture and Storage Competion is no longer available.”

The White Rose and Peterhead Carbon Capture Projects which would involve capturing  90% and 85% of emissions respectively, are now set to be mothballed.

Leigh Hackett, CEO of Capture Power who have been working on the White Rose Project, stated: “We are surprised and very disappointed by the Government’s decision to cancel the £1bn CCS Commercialisation Programme more than three years into the competition,………..it is difficult to imagine its continuation in the absence of crucial government support”.

The Peterhead project – which would capture 85% of emissions from an existing gas power station – was being developed by Shell. A spokesperson for Shell stated that it was “disappointed” the funding was axed after “working tirelessly on the project for the last two years.”

The spokesperson added: “…..We no longer see a future for the Peterhead project in the near term.”

JB Comments. Over the next few days Prime Minister Cameron, at this weeks  Climate Change Conference COP 21 in Paris, will inevitabley release his grand plans to lead the world in reducing green house gas emissions!

Hypocracy in the making I verymuch fear as policy after policy is falling under his personal plan to get rid of all the “Green Crap!”

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