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Green Deal Slow Start forces job losses

A depressing new statistic from  the Insulation Industry Forum shows that there were twice the number of job losses over last months figure due to roll out of the Green Deal being postponed. Over 1700 jobs were lost in December  and it was revealed that a further 1100 jobs were about to be lost through redundancies. Furthermore, industry leaders warned that these figures taken from firms within the Insulation industry, may well be the tip of an iceberg.

The Forum has sent a letter to the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, spelling out that if the government is serious about protecting jobs and encourage growth, it should engage fully with industry to ensure further harm is not done to either the industry or prospects for the Green Deal. 

The Government has responded by stating that if old subsidies were allowed to continue, they would undermine the Green Deal. In addition, it was pointed out that demand for insulating lofts has been in recent decline as around 60% of all lofts are fully insulated, with only about 1% with no insulation at all.

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