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Green Party pledges 500,000 new homes!

The Green Party have gone beyond other Parties’ election pledges on social housing and promised 500,000 new social rented homes by 2020 , funded by scrapping the buy-to-let interest tax allowance. 

Tom Chance, Housing Spokesperson for the Green Party commented that social housing has been a provider of decent homes for millions over the last 150 years, but in the last 40 years, sales, demolitions and budget cuts have drammatically reduced this type of housing stock. 

In an Inside Housing Article  entitled Green Goals, Tom Chance sets out Green Party rational. He went on ” It seems incredible that we are currently the only political party willing to commit to build an average of 100,000 social rented homes a year.” He added ” We also propose to lift the borrowing cap on coiuncils, which the LGA says could unlock at least 60,000 more homes. 

By abolishing the Right to Buy, hugely increasing direct investment in home insulation/refurbishment and ending austerity cuts to local government,we hope to put councils on an even more secure financial footing to build.” ….

“The golden thread running through our approach is the right of all citizens to a secure, affordable and comfortable home.Social housing is one indispensable way to provide this.”

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