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Local Authority Slammed for Community Infrastructure Levy Charge

Mid Devon District Council has been severely criticised by the Planning Inspectorate for setting a Community Infrastructure Charge (CIL) which could severely compromise the viability of housing development in the area.

The Council had reasoned that a 22.5% Affordable housing rate instead of the targeted 35% rate, would allow a CIL of £90 per square metre on developments. 

The Inspector’s  report pointed out that a lower affordable housing figure “will be seen as a reason not to seek the achievement of the full target and consequently it will put the provision of affordable housing at serious risk”.

Mid Devon had regarded their CIL levels as acceptable when compared to recently agreed figures in Exeter and Plymouth. 

Due to the decision, Mid Devon Council is now bound to make changes to the planned CIL from £90 to a £40 charge before the inspectorate can pass the plans. 

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