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New Regulation on rental property

Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, presented Parliament with new energy efficiency regulations last week making it illegal for landlords to rent out the most energy inefficient dwellings and properties from April 2018.

The UK Green Buildings Council (UKGBC) immediately hailed this new energy efficiency regulation as the “most significant piece of legislation for a generation.” The Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPs) were developed  in 2010 but mothballed by the conservative government as it strove to reduce regulation on property. MEPs will require all landlords to install energy saving measures in homes and non-domestic buildings which fall into the worst EPC bands F and G after 2018.

In the meantime landlords will have to accept reasonable requests from tenants to install energy efficiency measures from the beginning of April 2016. John Alker of The UKGBC went on to state that “Some will cry “red tape” but good landlords and forward thinking property companies have nothing to fear. This could provide the impetus needed to upgrade the worst performing , most energy hungry rented properties and help kick start a multi-million pound market in energy efficiency products and services in the UK.”

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