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Health Impact Study for a new development of 66 units and 32 bed residential care home in Worcester


Mixed use development of 66 units and a 32 bed Residential Care Home near Worcester


  • Local Authority requirement for the projects to provide “an assessment of impacts on different affected subgroups of the population across all ages that might result from this development” and tue Health in South Worcestershire Supplementary Planning Document draft.


Health Impact Assessment  –  This document sets out how the proposed development at the site of Astons Coach Park, Broomhall, Worcestershire will support the creation of an healthy community and demonstrate positive health impacts that may feature in the proposed development.


This HIA has considered the health benefits of the proposal at Astons Coach Park and the impact of the proposed development site on primary health care provision in the surrounding area.
The location and design of the proposal would result in a development that can contribute towards health objectives and provide an high quality mix of house types, tenures and adaptable dwellings for future occupiers as well as residential care for the elderly .
The assessment of existing health care provision has reviewed the existing provision of GP surgeries , dental surgeries and pharmacies within 3 miles of the site as well as secondary care which is considered an accessible distance for future occupiers of the development. It is considered that the site is situated in a sustainable and positive location in relation to the provision of healthcare facilities in the locality.
All of the local GPs in the within 3 miles are accepting new patients and given that all of the closest dentists to the site are also accepting new patients, it implies that there is capacity at these surgeries.It is considered that the proposed scheme would not significantly impact upon any recognised health determinants, the provision of existing health services within the local area, or result in an under-provision of services for the existing and proposed local population. In fact the addition of a 32 bed residential care home will add additional capacity to the local provision and is therefore seen as having a positive impact.

The assessment of the additional impact of school age children from the proposed new development at Astons Coach Park shows that a small increase in school age children can be accommodated within the existing primary and secondary school infrastructure. Both are well catered for in the immediate area and easily accessible.
The scheme offers ample existing provision of shops to ensure that residents are offered choice with healthy food accessible within walking distance.
In addition there are pubs, restaurants and a broad range of community social infrastructure within an acceptable range (3 miles) ensuring new residents have the opportunity for social interaction.


Project Details


May 2017 


Clerkenleap Developments


Clerkenleap, Bath Road, Worcester


Clerkenleap Developments

Malvern Hill District Council

Worcesterhsire County Council


Overall, the Health Impact Assessment in relation to the key health determinants identifies there are no negative health impacts.

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