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Sustainable new settlement of 284 homes at Long Marston


Sustainable new Settlement of 284 homes at Long Marston, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire


– Robust argument needed to discount the need for Low or Zero Carbon technologies whilst achieving carbon reduction targets of 10%

– Evidence based Fabric First and behavioural change approaches to reducing energy demand, achieving the required CO2 reductions   target


– Preliminary Energy Calculations  (SAP 2012)

– Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment

Energy Statement

– Sustainability Statment

– Evidence based set of principles to demonstrate energy demand reductions

– Innovative proposals based on recognised academic data

– Close attention to design and layout to maximise solar gain


The sustainability Strategy offered :-

– Hierarchy of methods to achieve 10% CO2 emissions reduction over 2010 Building

– Compliance with conditions and various regulations without the use of Low or Zero Carbon Technologies.

Project Details


November 2012 – April 2013


Hallam Land Management


Long Marston, Warwickshire


Hallam Land Management

Persimmon Homes, Charles Church

Startford-upon- Avon District Council


Further Details

The team developed energy models to ‘test’ different scenarios and combinations of energy efficiency measures in order to identify where significant carbon savings could be made across the site. This modelling work allowed us to develop a set of principles which could be employed to demonstrate energy demand reductions over and above the Council policy requirements.

The study demonstrated how the proposed development could initiate an hierarchy of methods through which a 10% carbon emissions reduction, over 2010 Building Regulations, could be achieved, without the use of renewable energy.

The Energy Statement was well received by the client and later validated by the Local authority.  A final  decision was given for full Planning permission ( to the joint application by St. Modwen and Persimmon Homes), for 284 houses, retail and community buildings and sports pitch and pavilion.

Summary Table:

Baseline 0.0 tCO2
Enhanced u-values 53.4 tCO2
Air leakage of 5m3/h/m2 33.5 tCO2
Solar gain (@ 15%) 80 tCO2
Heating controls 11.9 tCO2
Behaviour change (2.5%) 13.3 tCO2
Total (all measures) 192.1 tCO2

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