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Selling the benefits of sustainable buildings.

There are many who are familiar with the argument that buildings which have been retrofitted with high tech, low energy using equipment such as Photovoltaic cells, passive solar design and clever ventilation cost large capital sums, but don’t achieve higher values than buildings which have nothing more than central heating zone controls and double glazing. Sustainability credentials such as BREEAM shouldn’t even get a mention in the development brief.

With the urgent drive for reducing CO2 emissions becoming critical as government tackles its own pledge to achieve it’s  2050 target of an 80% reduction, coupled to the hikes in fossil fuel prices recently 16-18% and set to increase in future, newer, more energy efficient buildings are starting to demonstrate their worth and sustainability is a much larger factor.

Recent studies from RICs have been contradictory and data is currently patchy, but what is becoming clear is that the balance is starting to tip- Low energy buildings are starting to show their worth!

From a property agent’s perspective, the advantages of sustainable buildings are a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate some critical selling features to a prospective buyer or tenent.

Currently there is much, much more to selling the advantages of a property than size, function and terms. Clients are now concerned with running costs and how a property may have potential for investment in future as well as their own sustainability credentials.

Making sense of the technical wizardry and its inevitable jargon and then translating it into what a prospective buyer/lessee may want to hear about hasn’t been the job of an agent – Until now!

Understanding the sustainability agenda and some of the jargon is one thing, but converting the potential benefits of renewables and energy efficient buildings into tangible advantage to customers is certainly where an agent can add their own real value.

Carbon.gc Ltd would be happy to deliver training to agents on “ Understanding  and selling the benefits of Renewables and energy efficient buildings. What doe it all really mean?”

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