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Supreme Court throws out Government FITs Appeal plea!

The government’s ill feted attempt to appeal against an High Court decision in favour of the Solar industry and Friends of the Earth, has finally come crashing down around it’s “Greenest Government ever” self title!

In October last year, the government announced a plan to cut the Feed in Tariff Rate by 12th December 2011. This was well before its own consultation period was due to close.

In early 20012 an outraged solar industry and Friends of The Earth successfully appealed in the High Court to have the original government decision deemed illegal. At this point the government felt compelled to appeal. Finally a Supreme Court judge has refused to hear the case.

The government minister in charge, Ed Davey, expressed disappointment at the decision but stated that it “draws a line under the case”.

A representative of Friends of the Earth stated “this is the third court that’s ruled that botched Government solar plans are illegal- a landmark decision which will prevent ministers causing industry chaos with similar subsidy cuts in future”.

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