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Sustainability Policies – Help for Local Planners!

Delivering on NPPF for Local Planning Authorities. In response to the NPPF and under more recent guidance “Good Practice Guidance – Sustainable Design and Construction” August  2012 , all local authorities are now in the process of developing specific sustainable development policies.

Local Authorities have a big challenge to enable developers opportunities to build truly viable, exciting and sustainable communities, yet ensuring the policy has well defined expectations for reducing  CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency. High levels of technical knowledge and understanding of the development process is critical to ensure Local plan policies are clear, unambiguous and fair.

Carbon Green Consulting Ltd  has  wide experience of developing strategies and responses to Sustainable Planning policies across the UK for major developers and house builders. We are keen to establish and develop working relationships with Local authority planning teams whose knowledge and experience could be enhanced through joint working.

Carbon green Consulting would be happy to discuss any opportunities and also offer Continued Professional Development for planning teams.

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