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David Cameron defends his claim of “The Greenest Government Ever!”

The Prime Minister has conceded that the government’s flagship Green Deal is facing a number of challenges. He appreciated the difficulties present in motivating home owners to make energy improvements in their homes even when savings on energy bills are made clear. In a House of Commons Liaison Committee meeting recently, Mr Cameron went on to say that the government had to “strike the right balance ” between the goals of reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions and economic growth commitments. He commented further that he made “no apology” for the time it has taken to find this balance.

The Prime Minister also commented that he felt that investors in the energy sector are not being put off investing in new low carbon electricity projects because of the government’s decision to put off setting the target for decarbonisation of the electricity grid until 2016.  Investors are still able to receive guarentees of the prices for electricity for these projects under new reforms.

Tim Yeo, Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, told journalists that he was pleased that David Cameron remained committed to energy efficiency, although expressed concern over how the Green Deal will fair once launched in January 2013.

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