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Materials shortages and labour costs rising! – An Opportunity to review building techniques?

With the growth in building continuing this quarter, construction firms are finding it progressively more difficult to purchase the building materials they require, in particular light weight block and bricks.

The Markit/CIP PMI survey which measures a range of purchasing decisions identified a rise in activity throughout September 2014 and found the growth to be across both housing and commercial activities.  

Even though it found that the construction industry is achieving activity close to that of summer 2007, critically,  the survey reflected  supply chain issues with associated  increased materials costs and longer delivery times, coupled with an increase in demand for subcontractors and higher costs. In addition, more recently there have been signs that new orders and  job creation rates are slowing. 

JB comments – Having witnessed these stresses with clients recently, the situation forced them  to explore less popular building materials and techniques.  In fact, alternatives to traditional cavity construction of brick and block work offer an opportunity to develop building systems which are geared much better to deliver the carbon and energy target of Part L 2013 and delivery of Zero carbon building for 2016 and beyond. 

Timber frame is seen by many as a fast track method of construction enabling projects to achieve Part L 2013 or Zero Carbon building for 2016. Using this construction method in conjunction with well established wood fibre based insulation systems from Europe, such as Unger – Diffutherm’s UdiFRONT system, probably the best system around currently, enables even faster, much simpler construction. This cuts down on site time and waste, resulting in a cost effective way to achieve these and higher targets.

Getting to grips with newer methods of building which may ultimately require fewer components, less build time and deliver the highly energy efficient elements required by Building regulations, and other local energy/CO2 requirements, may offer contractors a more cost effective alternative to traditional cavity construction right now!

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