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The Revised Building Regulations, 2013, the Green Deal…..Oh and CO2 Emissions!

The Revision of the Building Regulations in 2013, intended not only to drive the building of more energy efficient buildings, but also help develop The Green Deal as the government’s main energy efficiency programme, is now under fire from industry.

Under the current draft revision, building owners will be required to make energy efficiency measures or “consequential improvements” (basic insulation and draft proofing) when making relatively small upgrades such as new windows or a new boiler.

Communities minister Andrew Stunnell  is convinced that the new policy will encourage demand for energy efficiency measures and give the Green Deal Scheme a boost. However, Building industry experts are convinced that the draft revision of Part L of the Building Regulations contains vagaries which may enable building owners to avoid necessary energy efficiency improvements when carrying out building work.

With the onus on home owners to deliver the measures set out, there are certain circumstances when the improvement will not be feasible. The draft revision which states that improvements will be required when “technically and ….economically feasible”, would offer building owners  opportunity to wriggle out of their obligation. In addition, others would be put off developing their property as the additional costs involved could make even the most modest building project, uneconomical.

Co2 emmissions reduction apart, the very fact that the government is having to use Building regulations to stimulate the new Green Deal take up suggests that there is little in the Deal at all!!

Once again government haven’t thought policies through and I would definitely bet my knighthood on the probability that a massive “rethink” on the Green Deal “no Deal” will be needed very soon after it’s launch!

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