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The 9 things you should know about the UK’s sustainability agenda post Brexit.

1. Zero Carbon Homes has been postponed for the near future by the Housing and Planning Act.

2. There is now a greater requirement for negotiation and management of client risk.

3. In the “The Plan for Growth” the government u-turned on what their definition of Zero Carbon in 2016 will be.

4. EU targets for near Zero Carbon Buildings by 2019 may now not be required.

5. Energy in residential property makes up nearly 30% of all energy used and therefore emissions. Government’s focus is on the construction and property sectors.

6. Government is forcing design teams to use energy models as design tools to comply with Building Regulations. Achieving reductions in CO2 and energy becomes a design criterion.

7. Government has now pulled back from the majority of sustainable development policies.

8. A set of tiered “optional” higher standards under Building Regulations can be invoked in a planning condition, but only when justified in the Local Plan.

9. The commitment to 80% reduction in CO2 by 2050 remains! With the mechanism in place Zero Carbon Buildings may well return.

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