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Zero Carbon Homes targets watered down

The self pronounced “Greenest government ever” has once again climbed down from it’s  Zero Carbon Homes policy from 2016 by announcing that the target will not be expected of small housing developments when the policy is brought in. It’s repeated commitment to Low and Zero carbon new homes and subsequent reversal yesterday is yet another kick in the teeth to the green lobby who have been witnessing many of the conservative government’s pledges being dismantled.

The announcement yesterday will form part of the Queen’s Speech. A Liberal Democrat spokes person said  that the new twist to the Zero Carbon Homes policy is set to exempt small house builders from the requirement, with the government set to give further details on what constitutes a small site following appropriate consultation.

it was emphasised that zero carbon standards were set to mirror level five of the Code for Sustainable Homes although larger developers would be able to build to code 4 energy levels, using offset payments for other carbon reducing projects through Allowable Solutions payments set at around £36-£90 per tonne, to deliver the zero carbon short fall.

Paul King, Chief Executive of the Green Building Council commented that it was “Deeply worrying” that small sites would be excluded from the zero carbon homes standard. He went on to say that “The decision could cause confusion and lead to preserve outcomes , for example  the slowing down of housing supply as developers phase delivery of “small sites” to avoid regulations”.

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